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Below is a list of the current (or coming soon) services that Winner's Edge Trading offers for traders looking for an extra edge in the Market.
Strike 3.0 Strategy
and Custom Tools
(available for MT4)
The Break & GO Method is a trend-trading strategy that focuses on simplicity and effectiveness. The custom tools show you the trend direction on every time frame at a glance and the Key Levels are incredibly accurate. Combined, they show you when and where to enter trades with a high degree of accuracy.
Profit Zones
Custom Indicator
(available for MT4)
The Profit Zones is a custom indicator we use to find high probability areas within the market to place our TP and SL. We have found that one of the most common challenges for struggling traders is simply not knowing where to place the Take Profit or Stop Loss on an entry, so we created the Profit Zones to fix it.
We're releasing new features, updates and services all the time!
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