Winner's Edge Trading Presents the Strike 3.0...
Forget complicated strategies that don't work...
The Strike 3.0 is a simple, effective trading strategy for any level of trader that gives you plenty of winning opportunities every single day in the Forex Market
You can use the Strike 3.0 Custom Tools to highlight these profitable opportunities on any pair and any time frame.

From: Casey Stubbs

You may have noticed that a lot of people can make trading FOREX extremely complicated...

And let me be clear about something:

If you are not crystal clear on your approach to the market--whether you are supposed to Buy or Sell and when precisely you need to take that action--you do not stand a chance of being successful in these markets.

If it weren't for the fact that millions of hopeless traders were losing money every day, it would almost be funny that the common approach is to open some data charts without a clue of what to look for... And even when the average trader says "That's it! Time to buy!" they don't really know why they're buying.

So, they end up winning a few trades here and there but ultimately with a bleeding or blown up account...

It’s demoralizing, and makes you wonder if you’ll ever succeed.

And the cold hard truth is that you won't. Not unless you figure out an approach that you can confidently apply to the market.

I've met traders who have lost money for 10 straight years--it's astounding that they haven't given up yet. Honestly, I have to give them credit for the perseverance.

What's even more astounding, though, is that in all that time they have never realized that they need to learn and master a certain approach and then stick to it--that's it!

So, today, allow me to give you that approach and the tools to do it successfully.

Now, I am not going to sit here and tell you that it's easy, but one thing I can tell you is that there is a phenomenal way to simplify your approach to the Market so that you can find winning opportunities in the currency market every time you open your charts.

That approach is Called the Strike 3.0 Forex Strategy.

A BETTER Approach to Trading Forex...
And since it is not some automated piece of junk and still requires you to be a trader, I am happy to share it with you. After all, my goal at Winner's Edge Trading is to help people achieve success in the Market by becoming legitimate, successful traders... And frankly,  Strike 3.0 makes it much easier to accomplish that.
"I just wanted to touch base I have closed my first trade for 60 pips profit with 8 more trades that are currently open and all in profit I know its not by fluke I'm currently using your indicators with one of mine and it seems to be working out well I will let you know in detail how I get on with it so we can share my experience with the other students but mean this is looking really good bud even back testing it looks awesome! But to trade it live and see it really does work is great! I love it :)"
- Warren H

The Strike 3.0 is an extremely simple, trend following approach that we've developed to help traders of all levels quickly identify high-probability opportunities on any pair and any time frame... Always in the direction of the trend.

You've always heard to trade with the trend. The Strike 3.0 will show you HOW to do it effectively...

Here are some Key Components of Strike 3.0 Strategy Tools:

  • Automatic identification of trends on every time frame at a glance
  • Easy-to-follow signals with high probability entries
  • Incredibly accurate “key levels” that stop you in your tracks from entering a terrible trade (and help you set up good ones)
  • Automatically locate the best area for Stop Loss and Take Profit Placement
  • Works on every instrument offered by your Broker
  • Works Perfectly for 5Minute, 15Minute, 30Minute, 1Hour and 4Hour charts (and great for longer term analysis too)
  • Tons of opportunities in every single trading session

Simple enough that you can stick to it...
All we need is a BREAK and a TREND and we've got a trade!
How Does Strike 3.0 Work?
Let me show you how in 4 Simple Steps...
Step 1: Determine Trend
The Trend Finder instantly shows you which direction the market is moving (and likely going to continue to move) on each time frame...
Now, when you look at a chart, you know exactly which direction you should be looking for a trade...
Step 2: Wait for the Break of a Key Level
Our "Key Levels" indicator automatically plots lines at important prices in the Market... When a Level is broken IN the direction of the trend, we know we have a great opportunity available to us.
As soon as a candle breaks (highlighted in green for demonstration below), we know that there is a high likelihood that the market is going to continue moving in the direction of our trend.
Step 3: Enter Trade Using the Levels for your Stop and Target
Now that we have an entry opportunity, we can plot out where our Take Profit and Stop Loss should be--The Key Levels make it really easy to do this!
As shown above, just place your Take Profit in front of the very next level and then place your Stop Loss behind the most recent level (so it's protected). With the levels set up, you are now in a high probability trade with the trend at your back!
Step 4: Wait for the Trade to hit your TP :)
And that's it... The complete Strike 3.0 Method.
A simple, straight-forward approach to trading with the trend that gives you opportunities in the Market every single day.
Nothing complex or over-complicated...
Just a sensible way to make as much profit as possible every time you open your charts and scan the market for trades.
Let's Summarize this Quick Strategy:
Go SHORT when a Bearish candle breaks a key Level in a Bearish Trend
Go LONG when a Bullish candle breaks a key Level in
a Bullish Trend
Even though it's simple, the Strike 3.0 Method can be used in multiple ways to find profitable opportunities...

You can scalp the 5-minute charts like this…

Or you can swing trade like this...

**Both the Scalper's Break and Add-On Strategy will be taught in our "Strike 3.0 Advanced Classes" (you will get these classes for free when you join...)
Here are some recent examples of the Basic Strike 3.0 entry method:
(of course, we take losses too) CAD/CHF SELL ENTRY:
As you can see from some of these examples, the Trend + Levels on our Custom Tools are incredibly robust... They work on every pair and on every time-frame to help you spot opportunities in the market that have a high probability to continue moving in the direction of the trend.
Can you see how having your hands on these tools could help you make better, more accurate, more confident, more profitable trades?
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